How to Lighten Hair Without Using Bleach

If you want to lighten your hair naturally without using bleach and are tired of seeing only chamomile and lemon as options, don’t worry. When you want to know how to lighten your hair without using bleach, there are many options.

Let’s learn more about lightening hair naturally and then move on to ways to lighten hair using natural ingredients from your pantry. So, let’s get started.

Is It Possible to Lighten Hair Without Bleach?

Whether you have darker or lighter hair, it’s possible to lighten hair naturally without bleach and not affect hair health. Yes, there are many options to lighten hair. Even if you don’t have naturally blonde hair, there are ways to make hair lighter by a few shades.

Did you know you don’t have to use hydrogen peroxide to get a lighter hair color? And your options are many and mostly from ingredients in your pantry, and you probably have most of them. So, what are we waiting for?

Vegan Vitamin C Wash

How to Lighten Your Hair Without Using Bleach

For those who don’t want to use lemon juice and find it harsh or difficult, you can try this alternative instead. Here, we use vitamin C tablets with your shampoo, though there are other ways to use it, too.


Vitamin C Tablets – 7 or more

Shampoo – 1/4 Cup


Mash the tablets into fine powder – buy the swallowing type so it doesn’t have sweeteners and additives.

Add enough shampoo to a mixing bowl and add in the mashed vitamin C tablets.

Mix well to combine.


Divide your hair into smaller sections and apply the mask you’ve just prepared using a hair coloring brush.

Cover your head with a shower cap and let it sit for an hour or more before washing off.


You can also just mash a few tablets, mix it with oil for a fine paste, apply it on your hair as a pre-shower treatment, and wash it off after 30 minutes.

Repeat this till you get the desired results, and this can be done once a week.


Vodka Rinse Hair Lightener

Vodka Rinse Hair Lightener

Vodka is not only a conditioner but can make your hair a few shades lighter. Wanna try?


Vodka – 1 Part

Carbonated water – 2 parts


To a spray bottle, add one part vodka and two parts carbonated water and shake to combine.


Spritz the prepared vodka spray on your locks and sit out in the sun for about 20 minutes before washing off.

Cinnamon Mask to Lighten Strands

Cinnamon Mask to Lighten Strands

If you’re not looking for vegan options, this mask is just what you need to lighten your hair. The best part is the honey used in the recipe makes your locks softer.


Honey – 1/4 Cup

Cinnamon powder – 1 – 2 Tbsp.


In a small bowl, add the cinnamon powder and honey and mix to make a fine hair mask.


Divide your hair into small sections and apply the paste using a hair coloring brush on your hair.

Wait for at least 20 minutes before washing off.


Do this once every two weeks till you get the desired results.

Make sure to use a spoon or more of cinnamon powder but not too much or too often to prevent irritation and hair damage – cinnamon and honey have a hydrogen peroxide like activity.

Beer Rinse

Beer Rinse

A beer rinse leaves your locks very soft. This rinse works better for lighter hair and doesn’t leave you with dry hair.

How to Use Beer?

Pour the beer over your locks, or add it to a mixing bowl and dip your locks in.

Rinse off thoroughly – preferably with a perfumed conditioner or use essential oils to combat the beer smell.

Sea Salt Spray Hair Lightener

Sea Salt Spray Hair Lightener

Do you know salt can be used to lighten your hair? Yes, salt has a lightening effect and can be used on your hair shaft without compromising hair health.


Sea Salt – 2 Tbsps.

Water – 1/2 Cup


In a mixing bowl, add the salt and water and stir to combine.

Transfer to a spray bottle, and your salt solution is ready for use.


Irrespective of whether your hair is dark brown, dark blonde, platinum blonde, or even if it’s black hair, you can still spray this on your locks and let it sit for a good 15 – 20 minutes before washing off.

After spraying the solution on your hair, sit out under the sun for better results.


You can combine baking soda for faster results.

You can also add citrus essential oils to the salt solution for natural highlights.

You can also make it as a paste with less water and apply it as a mask – you might need more salt for this method. Make sure to sit out in the sun for about 20 minutes before washing off.

A honey rinse apple cider vinegar rinse can make sure your locks aren’t dry or frizzy.


The Takeaway

Discover how to lighten your hair without using bleach with natural methods before turning to commercial products, and let us know how they work out for you.

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As always, feel free to write to us for feedback or if you have any requests or questions. We love hearing from you, and also don’t forget to share your successful tweaks and results with us.


What are some safety precautions to follow while lightening hair at home?

Always do a patch test to test for allergic or adverse reactions before applying any product or recipe to your hair.

Always follow the instructions given in the recipe, including the frequency and quantities, to prevent damage.

Can we use baking soda on hair often?

No, you can use baking soda twice a month if you have normal and healthy hair. If your hair is damaged, give baking soda a miss and try other methods.

Can I use rhubarb to lighten hair?

Yes, rhubarb is used on blonde locks for golden highlights. It doesn’t lighten dark hair or even blonde locks much. It’s more for highlights and has a very slight lightening effect.

Can I use honey to lighten my hair?

Yes, honey can be used to lighten your hair and has lightning effects even on darker locks.