DIY Hair Strengthening Home Remedies

Just as you would nurture your skin with care and nourishment, your tresses deserve the same loving attention. A simple hair care routine is essential for maintaining healthy, strong locks. However, it’s important to remember that overusing chemical products won’t help achieve this goal; instead, they can harm one’s hair health. Experts advise creating a comprehensive but natural plan when considering hair care options.

Instead of resorting to expensive, commercial treatments for your hair woes, why not turn to nature and find some solutions right at home? You’ll be delighted to know that there are plenty of natural ingredients in your kitchen pantry that can help fight against hair fall, dandruff, and scalp infections. These easily accessible items will have you looking and feeling great without breaking the bank!

Are you searching for natural treatments to ensure a full, healthy head of hair? Look no further! With the right care and attention, your locks can flourish – however, our busy lives coupled with heightened stress levels are known to take their toll on our tresses. Don’t suffer alone; we’re here to help restore your hair’s natural strength and bounce.

Not all of us are blessed with naturally strong, lustrous locks. But even the busiest people, and if your hair is in poor condition, you can still get it looking beautiful again with some proper care. In this article, we will give you helpful tips on strengthening your hair using natural remedies.

What Causes Weak Hair?

There are many different causes for weak hair, and it can vary with every individual. However, the most common causes for weak hair include:

  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Diet & Deficiencies
  • Excessive Styling Treatments or Products
  • Hereditary Reasons
  • Protein Deficiency or Inadequacy
  • Frequent Chemical Treatments

Common but Definitive Signs of Weak Hair

Signs of Weak Hair

Want to know if you’re hair is weak? Look out for these signs to know for sure if or not your hair is weak:

  • Dry Hair
  • Excessive Hair Breakage
  • Split-ends
  • Thinning Hair
  • Lifeless and Dull Hair
  • Tangled Hair way too often
  • Rough Hair
  • Frizzy Hair
  • Limp Hair

DIY Hair Strengthening Home Remedies

Even if you have identified your hair is weak, it’s not the end of the world. The good news is that you know the problem, so we can work to strengthen hair roots and hair follicles and make your hair healthy.

There are many options, including trying home remedies to correct nutrient deficiency, if any, for increased hair thickness and improving hair volume. Let’s take a look at a few effective hair masks and other oil massages for healthier hair.

Egg and Lemon for Brittle Hair

Egg and Lemon

Eggs and lemons are used a lot in hair and scalp care. This recipe uses these two ingredients to strengthen hair and fix hair breakage.

What You’ll Need

  • Lemon – 1
  • Egg Yolk – 1 or 2
  • Ylang Ylang Essential oil – 5 Drops

How To Make

  1. Add the egg yolk(s) to a mixing bowl and whisk.
  2. Squeeze juice from one lemon and add that in.
  3. Finally, add the essential oil and whisk to combine.
  4. Done.

How To Use

Massage this mask to your hair and scalp.

Make sure to cover your hair all the way to the tips.

You can add almond oil and aloe vera gel to this mixture if you want more volume.

Cover your head with a shower cap and wait for about 20 minutes before washing off with one of the gentle sulfate-free shampoos of your choice.


You can switch the eggs with coconut cream or coconut milk for a vegan variant of this hair mask.

You can also use protein-rich almond milk in this hair mask, and we already know almonds are a great food for hair.

Vegan Coconut Oil Massage

Coconut oil

Rich in lauric acid, coconut oil is an all-rounder and is used in hair care to offset protein loss in hair and to nurture dry and flaky hair. This simple hair mask should do wonders to strengthen your hair, thanks to the ready absorption of coconut oil by hair shafts.

What You’ll Need

  • Coconut Oil – 1 Tbsp.
  • Peppermint Essential oil – a few drops
  • Raw Sugar – 2 Tbsps.

How To Make

  1. Add all the ingredients to a mixing bowl and mix well.
  2. Done

How To Use

Apply this mask to your scalp and hair by massaging it in gently.

Wait for at least 20 minutes before washing off.

Vegan Essential Oil Massage

Essential Oils

Stronger hair translates to thicker hair. If you want to strengthen your hair and get thicker hair, look no further than this easy but effective essential oil blend for massage.

What You’ll Need

  • Jojoba Oil – 2 Tbsps.
  • Grapeseed oil – 1 Tsp.
  • Thyme Essential oil – 3 Drops

How To Make

  1. Warm up the Jojoba oil and remove it from the heat.
  2. Add in the Grapeseed and thyme essential oils and mix to combine.
  3. Done!

How To Use

Massage this essential oil blend to your hair and scalp using your fingers.

Use circular and gentle motions to massage the oil into your scalp, and don’t forget the tips.

Cover your head with a warm and wet towel.

Wait for at least 25 minutes before washing off.

Condition, air dry, and style as usual.

Egg & Aloe Vera Mask

aloe vera gel

Considering eggs are nutrition powerhouses and have key nutrients that do wonders for hair and skin care, let’s take a look at how to use this to strengthen hair follicles and hair roots.

What You’ll Need

  • Eggs – 1 (or) 2
  • Aloe Vera Gel – 2 Tbsps.
  • Milk – 2 Tbsps.
  • Avocado Oil – 2 Tbsps.
  • Tea Tree Oil – 3 Drops

How To Make

  1. Whisk the egg(s) well.
  2. Add in all the other ingredients and continue whisking till combined.
  3. Done!

How To Use

Gently massage the egg mask to your scalp and hair.

This will help hair follicles absorb the mixture.

Wrap your head with a shower cap and wait for at least 20 minutes before hair wash.

Don’t use very hot water, and handle your hair gently to remove the hair mash thoroughly before shampooing your hair.

Condition, air dry, and style as usual.


For a vegan alternative, swap the eggs with coconut cream or coconut milk.

Skip the eggs, or you can use coconut milk or protein-rich nut milk like almond milk.

Vegan Homemade Hair Tonic

rosemary leaves

This homemade hair tonic can work wonders to strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth. It’s also very easy to prepare and can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

What You’ll Need

  • Water – 1 Cup
  • Rosemary Leaves – 1/4 Cup
  • Black Seeds – 1 Tsp.
  • Parsley Seeds – 1 Tbsp.

How To Make

  1. Crush parsley and black seeds separately and set aside.
  2. Bring the water to a rolling boil and reduce the flame to the lowest setting.
  3. Add in the parsley seeds and rosemary leaves and let it simmer.
  4. When the quantity is almost reduced to half (the water is also well infused by this time) remove from heat.
  5. Add the crushed black seeds, close the bowl, and let it cool down.
  6. Filter the concoction once it is fully cooled down, and it’s all set for use.

How To Use

You can use it as your final rinse; don’t rinse off after pouring this on your hair and let it air dry.

Alternatively, you can also massage the concoction to damp hair and scalp.

Let it air dry.

Vegan Onion Mask


Onions are known for stimulating hair growth and regrowth. It’s a popular natural remedy to treat hair loss, thinning, stunted growth and also to strengthen hair naturally.

What You’ll Need

Shallots -a Handful

How To Make

  1. Grind the shallots to a fine paste.
  2. Sieve the blended paste to get onion juice.
  3. Done.

How To use

Transfer the onion juice to a spray dispenser and spray liberally on your scalp.

Massage and let it sit for at least 25 minutes before hair wash.

Alternatively, you can apply the juice directly using a dropper and then massage for a few seconds.


You can also add a garlic clove or other herbs or flowers for hair care before grinding the shallots. Garlic stimulates hair growth but also keeps your scalp clear and problem-free.

You can use large onions if you don’t get shallots.

You can use this mask on dry hair or wet hair.

Practices You Should Do To Strengthen Your Hair

Avoid too much heat and styling treatments to prevent hair damage.

Switch to air drying instead of blow drying, as the former retains the scalp’s natural oils.

If you must use a hair dryer, try using it on the cold mode and use a protectant when using the heat setting.

Opt for relaxed styles over tight hairstyles that can strain your hair and result in hair damage.

Have a balanced diet for healthier hair. A healthy diet is not just for the body but for your hair, skin, and nails, too.

Don’t forget to get enough fluids while concentrating on the diet.

Choose hair cosmetics or ingredients according to your hair type.

Applying hair masks for your thick or thin hair on a regular basis can help strengthen your hair and boost hair growth.

Choose ingredients that help hair regrowth to combat hair loss and help grow more hair.

Ingredients rich in essential fatty acids like argan oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, etc., should be part of hair care routines to improve hair health.

Always keep your hair hydrated.

A consistent hair routine that’s nourishing and nurturing will ensure healthy hair growth, a stronger hair shaft, curb hair fall, and improve hair thickness.


Use healing ingredients like Moroccan oil to offset hair shaft damage.

Deep conditioning massage promotes blood circulation to the scalp and penetrates through the hair follicle to nourish and nurture from within. Do it at least once every week for stronger and healthy hair.

Don’t wash your hair too frequently.

Always use a leave-in-conditioner for your thick or thin hair after every wash, and use home remedies over chemical-laden stuff on your hair.

Massage will not only increase blood circulation to the scalp but using oils is one of the best remedies for hair care. Combine the base oils like coconut oil and castor oil with other oils, including essential oils, to come with a blend that works well for your hair type.


As always, feel free to write to Vitamins Revive with any questions, queries, or requests. Don’t have time or are worried about going wrong with DIY hair-strengthening home remedies? No worries, we have your needs covered with a range of hair products from the Vitamins Revive Store. Check out their range today and begin the journey to strengthen and pamper your locks.


Is oiling absolutely necessary as a home remedy?

Oiling is a very important and unavoidable part of the hair care routine. If you want to improve hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, prevent or curb hair loss, improve blood flow to the scalp, and more, oiling is absolutely essential.

How do you know if your hair is getting stronger?

Try the hair elasticity to determine the strength of your hair. Healthy and strong hair has good elasticity. This method is an easy way to determine hair strength without stepping out or a lot of confusing mumbo jumbo!

What strengthens damaged hair?

There are many home remedies to strengthen damaged hair. A few home remedies include yogurt, milk, coconut, eggs, kelp, etc.

Avoid stress and use argan oil, coconut oil, olive, sweet almond oil, and other ingredients that strengthen hair.