DIY Hair Oil for Frizzy Hair

Do you have a haircare routine that you follow religiously, yet your hair is dry and frizzy? Is it possible that you are missing out on a vital aspect of your hair care—the hair oil, maybe? Our hair needs natural oils to stay lustrous and healthy.

Frizz isn’t common with healthy hair and with continued mistreatment, hair will end up dry and damaged. The opposite is also true, damaged hair can lead to frizz. Excessive styling, improper hair care routine, use of harsh products and chemical treatments, etc. can cause hair damage.

So ladies, remember to oil your hair regularly and follow a hair care routine that works for you. We suggest you use these homemade hair oils that are perfect for soothing and nurturing your dry locks and calming frizz.

DIY Hair Oil Recipes

Frizzy hair is when dry hair is formed into independent tightly curled and crimped unruly strands, standing apart from other hair strands around it. It could be due to dry and damaged hair and leads to hair breakage when not handled properly.

Frizzy hair is not only tricky to style or maintain, but can result in hair shaft damage when pulled and pushed to style. However, you can control frizz with natural remedies and also strengthen hair to prevent frizz.

Want healthy, lustrous, shiny, and stunning locks? It’s not just about the volume, but looks too as they go hand in hand. There’s a reason why our locks are called women’s crowning glory. Don’t you agree?

Let’s take a look at homemade hair oil and serum recipes for frizzy hair. Most of these are just blending the right oils together, so it’s easy right? Even if you’re just starting off with DIY, you couldn’t go wrong with these.


The best part – they’re easy to prepare, use, and most importantly, all-natural. Most of these use ingredients that are already available in your pantry or can be bought easily. Shall we get started?

Vegan Argan Anti-Frizz Oil

argan oil

Argan oil not only nurtures and nourishes hair and repairs damaged hair, it makes hair manageable and frizz-free. This also doubles up as an anti-frizz serum, so let’s learn how to make it.

What You’ll Need

  • Argan Oil – 1/4 Cup
  • Lavender Essential Oil – 7 Drops
  • Blue Chamomile Essential Oil – 7 Drops
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil – 7 Drops

How To Make

  1. Add all the ingredients to a sterilized dark amber glass dispenser.
  2. Shake gently.
  3. Let it sit for a couple of days before use.
  4. You can also use cedarwood oil, rosemary essential oil, peppermint oil, etc. along with or instead of the essential oils used here.
  5. You can also use Jojoba oil instead of, along with Argan oil for this oil blend recipe.

How To Use

You can use this homemade anti-frizz serum on dry hair.

Massage gently onto your scalp and apply the remaining oil to your hair.

Less is more with this recipe, so take a small quantity and apply sparingly.

Style as usual.

You can reapply as needed during the week.

Vegan Avocado Anti-frizz Hair Oil

avocado oil

Nourish and moisturize your unruly and frizzy strands with this nurturing homemade hair oil for frizz free hair. This also doubles up as a hair serum and leaves you with smooth hair that’s shiny.

What You’ll Need

  • Avocado Oil – 1/4 Cup
  • Vitamin E Oil – 1 Tsp.
  • Rosehip Seed Oil – 1 Tsp.
  • Lavender Essential Oil – 10 Drops
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil.- 6 Drops
  • Peppermint Essential Oil – 7 Drops

How To Make

  1. Add all the ingredients to a sterilized glass amber bottle and shake gently.
  2. Let it sit for a day or two before use.

How To Use

Take a few drops of this homemade hair oil and apply using your fingertips.

Gently massage the scalp as you go, and apply the remaining oil on your hair.

Style as usual.

Remember: Less is more with this oil blend, so make sure to apply just enough. You can reapply this homemade anti-frizz serum as needed.

Avocado oil is great for shiny hair, though you can replace it with Jojoba oil or even coconut oil depending on your hair type and requirements.

This DIY hair oil blend will also promote hair growth, improves scalp and hair health, and moisturizes dry scalp and hair. So, apply it on your scalp and pay special attention to dry hair.

Vegan Anti-Frizz Oil with Flaxseeds


A little on the higher viscosity side, this anti-frizz oil works wonders to moisturize, nourish, nurture, and keep your hair frizz-free.

What You’ll Need

  • Castor Oil – 1 Tbsp.
  • Avocado Oil – 1 Tbsp.
  • Sweet Almond Oil – 2 Tbsps.
  • Flaxseed Oil – 1/4 Cup
  • Tea Tree Oil – 7 Drops
  • Grapeseed Oil – 1 Tsp.

How To Make

  1. Add all the ingredients to a sterilized glass amber bottle.
  2. Shake gently and set aside for a couple of days before use.
  3. Remember: You can add argan oil as needed if the oil consistency is thicker than you’d like.
  4. You can also add other essential oils like lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, rosemary essential oil, etc.

How To Use

Take enough quantity and gently massage this anti-frizz serum on your scalp.

Apply the rest on your hair, including the tips, paying more attention to dry hair.

Style as usual.

Remember: This works as a hair serum and is slightly denser than normal hair oils, so go easy on the quantity you apply.

Vegan Hemp Anti-Frizz Hair Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

A nourishing and moisturizing blend, this DIY hair oil is just what you need to fight frizz without weighing your hair down.

What You’ll Need

  • Hemp Seed Oil – 1/4 Cup
  • Aloe Vera Oil – 2 Tbsps.
  • Lavender Essential Oil – 25 Drops

How To Make

  1. To prepare aloe vera oil – scoop out aloe vera gel from the leaf after draining the sap by resting the aloe leaf for a while.
  2. Heat up coconut oil in a deep and heavy-bottomed kadai add in the aloe vera gel and let it simmer for a few minutes to get rid of moisture.
  3. Let it cool and filter the oil.
  4. Add the aloe vera oil, hemp seed oil, and lavender essential oil to a sterilized glass amber jar.
  5. Shake gently and let it sit for a day before using.

How To Use

This is light and doesn’t weigh down your hair and can be used as a leave-in.

You can massage this homemade hair oil to your scalp and apply to your hair, concentrating more on dry hair.

Style as usual.

If you want to use it as a pre-shower treatment, you can leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning.

You can use any carrier oil including olive oil and do a hot oil treatment before leaving it overnight. Since you’re washing off you can use denser oils too, including castor oil.

How to Use DIY Hair Oil

Most of the homemade hair oil recipes listed here are light and can be used as a leave-in.

Take enough quantity to apply sparingly on your hair and scalp.

Massage your scalp gently as you apply, using your fingertips.

Cover the rest of your hair and pay more attention to areas where hair is dry or frizzy.

Less is more with nourishing oils and you can reapply as needed, so don’t go overboard as it can weigh down your hair.

Oiling should be a part of your hair care routine and best applied right after showering and air drying your hair.

Precautions When Using Oils on Your Hair

Some oils tend to cause premature graying when applied to damp hair.

Don’t apply oil excessively, rather, repeat if needed every other day. This way, you won’t weigh down your locks, or send your scalp’s oil levels into overdrive.

Choose hair oil ingredients according to your hair and scalp type when preparing homemade hair oils for best results.

Always mix essential oils with carrier oils before applying. Essential oils should never be applied directly to your scalp or skin. Very few essential oils are exempt from this rule like lavender and tea tree oil.

Always check the expiry dates and consume within the shelf life for best results.

Some oils go rancid easily, prepare smaller batches and store them appropriately to prevent wastage.

Always do a patch test to reduce allergic or adverse reactions.

Final Thoughts

Don’t have time for homemade hair oils or other hair care products? No worries, we’ve got you covered with a range of hair cosmetics from Vitamins Revive. Whether you want healthy hair, stimulate hair growth, combat frizz, or anything else, they have a product that will suit you. Check out their vegan hair cosmetics range and let us know how you like them.


Questions, feedback, or requests? Feel free to write back to us anytime. We love to hear from our readers. As always, keep us posted with your results, and let us know how you like our recipes and tips.


Which oils should not be mixed for hair?

There are no right or wrong combinations. A rule of thumb is to check the shelf life of oils you’re mixing and use accordingly.

Also, dense or high-viscosity oils should be used sparingly or as a pre-shower treatment to avoid build-up or blocking of hair follicles. Examples include castor oil, olive oil (which can clog pores), etc.

Mixing citrus essential oils with a carrier oil and applying them to your hair can leave you open to damage, especially when going out in the sun.

Is it good to put oil on wet hair?

No, it’s not good to apply oil on wet hair. Hair is usually at its weakest when wet and can lead to breakage of hair.

Applying oil to air-dried hair right after showering offers the best results.

Also, some oils cause premature graying when applied to damp or wet hair.

Is oiling hair daily good?

No, you apply only when needed. Usually right after drying your hair post hair wash should be enough for most hair types, with touch during the week if hair is dry or frizzy. Excessive oiling will lead to clogging of pores, reduced circulation, accumulation of dirt and grime, build-up, etc.