How to Make DIY Blue Toner for Orange Hair

Orange hair isn’t an uncommon problem. Orange hair often results from a hair coloring job gone wrong for various reasons. 

A hair toner can fix orange hair quickly, but are commercial hair toners your only option? Nope, learn how to make diy blue toner for orange hair at home at a fraction of the cost you spend on commercial toners.

What Are The Blue Toners?

A blue toner is used to fix orange undertones in the hair. Simply put, it’s a product containing blue pigments to correct the orange or bronze undertones in the hair by neutralizing it.

Who should use blue toner for orange hair?

After bleaching, hair is often left with red or red-orange hair or orange or bronze undertones. If you’re bleaching at a salon, they either use a toning powder, which can completely fade it and leave hair unable to maintain pigment. 

A blue toner neutralizes orange hair to deal with this issue. This problem is more familiar with blonde hair or those with cold-colored hair.

How to Make DIY Blue Toner for Orange Hair

How to Make DIY Blue Toner for Orange Hair

Now that we have cleared the basics, let’s learn how to make diy blue toner for orange hair. Shall we?

DIY Blue Toner for Orange Hair With Lemonade

Lemon juice is a known lightener used with other ingredients or individually to lighten hair. You can use it to lighten orange hues or combine it with other ingredients to make a purple or blue toner for your hair.


Lemons – 1 or 2

Blue Food Color – a few drops


Squeeze and extract the juice from the lemons.

Mix a cup of water with the juice.

Add in the food coloring and mix well to combine.

Transfer to a sterilized spritzer.


Spray on your hair and let it sit on your hair for 30 minutes at least before washing off.


When using only lemon juice for lightening, they sit out in the sun after spraying it for at least an hour or two.

Instead of this diy blue toner for orange hair, you can also add purple color for purple toner.

You can mix purple into your shampoo for a purple shampoo.

You can also use your conditioner to reduce the dryness of lemon juice by replacing water with a conditioner.

You can also add the lemon juice mixture to your shampoo for a blue or purple shampoo. You can use this as your regular shampoo. 

Just wait a few minutes after applying it before washing it off.


DIY Blue Toner for Orange Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used as is to neutralize orange hair, but we’re going to make a blue toner for orange hair using blue food coloring.


Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 Cup

Water – 1/2 Cup

Blue Food Coloring – a few drops


Sterilize a spritzer and add the apple cider vinegar.

Add the food color and water to the apple cider vinegar and shake gently to combine.


You can spray the solution on your hair and massage it gently.

Let it sit for 30 minutes before washing off.


You can also use apple cider vinegar to rinse wet hair for a few washes to combat orange tones on your hair.

You can repeat the process till the desired results are achieved to combat brassy orange tones.

DIY Blue Toner for Orange Hair: Chamomile Tea

This natural recipe is used for lightening your locks or adding golden highlights to blonde hair. It adds a nice sheen to dark hair and lightens with regular usage. 

We add food color to the recipe to make a DIY blue toner. Let’s get started.


Chamomile Tea Bag – 1 or 2

Water – 1 Cup

Blue Food Color – a few drops


Brew a cup of tea or more according to your hair volume.

Let the tea cool down and transfer to a sterilized spritzer.

Add in the food color and shake gently to combine.

Your diy blue toner is ready.


Spritz the mixture on your hair and wait at least 30 minutes before washing off.


You can make a blue or purple toner according to your requirements.

You can use chamomile tea directly to lighten your locks or orange-bleached hair. Individually, chamomile might take longer to lighten or fix orange hair than a blue toner.


DIY Blue Toner for Orange Hair with Baking Soda

This is one of the most effective, easy, and simple blue toners you can make at home.


Baking Soda – 1 Tsp.

Blue Food Coloring – 3 Drops


Mix the baking soda and food coloring with a bit of water.



Apply the mixture as a mask or hair spray and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing off.


You can add more or less baking soda per your hair length.

This is also a clarifying aid and clarifies your scalp, removing scalp build-up, which is a plus. Don’t use it too frequently as it can be drying.

You can add a dash of honey to prevent drying.

You can also use aloe juice to make a hair toner spray.

Alternatively, mix the ingredients mentioned earlier to make a blue shampoo.

Other Tips to Lighten Yellow Tones or Orange Tones from Your Hair
Other Tips to Lighten Yellow Tones or Orange Tones from Your Hair

Like lemon juice, sea salt solution can be used to lighten hair. You can spritz the solution on your hair and sit in the sun for an hour or two. Wash off and condition after. 

This helps lighten a yellow or orange tone from hair. Mix honey and water and sit under the sun to lighten your locks. Wait for an hour or more before washing off. 

This also helps lighten brassy hair. Depending on the undertones, choose your coloring pigment. 

Use blue pigment for warmer tones and purple pigment for yellow undertones. You can also directly add food coloring pigment to your shampoo and change any regular shampoo to blue or purple, according to your needs. 

Use mild and gentle shampoo so you don’t damage your hair further.

Final Thoughts

Now you know all about brassy tones or orange tones and how to neutralize orange tones using blue toner. Try out these home remedies for orange hair before opting for commercial blue toners, and see how these hair toner recipes work out for you.

If you haven’t started DIYing your hair care recipes, these recipes are an excellent place to start. They’re simple, easy, and beginner-friendly. 

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As always, tweak the recipes to suit your preferences and requirements. That’s the fun part of DIYing, isn’t it – the experimenting, trying different variations and mini versions of different products, and the experience itself.

Feel free to write to us with any questions, feedback, or requests. We love hearing from you, and don’t forget to share your DIY experience with us. We’d like to know how these recipes work out for you.


Will blue toner sort out orange hair?

Yes, it will. You can also use a blue shampoo for this purpose.

What can I use instead of blue toner?

Instead of a commercial blue toner, you can use naturally prepared homemade hair toners.

How long can I leave hair toner on my hair?

After applying blue toner, wait 3 – 45 minutes before washing off.

Do I need to repeat the toner application?

When using semi-permanent hair dye and there’s brassiness as an aftermath, you apply a toner to neutralize the brassiness. You sometimes need more than one application to fix brassy hair.